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Convention on the transfer of sentenced persons
Article 1. Definitions
Article 2. General principles
Article 3. Conditions for transfer
Article 4. Obligation to furnish information
Article 5. Requests and replies
Article 6. Supporting documents
Article 7. Consent and its verification
Article 8. Effect of transfer for sentencing State
Article 9. Effect of transfer for administering State
Article 10. Continued enforcement
Article 11. Conversion of sentence
Article 12. Pardon, amnesty, commutation
Article 13. Review of judgment
Article 14. Termination of enforcement
Article 15. Information on enforcement
Article 16. Transit
Article 17. Languages and costs
Article 18. Signature and entry into force
Article 19. Accession by non-member States
Article 20. Territorial application
Article 21. Temporal application
Article 22. Relationship to other Conventions and Agreements
Article 23. Friendly settlement
Article 24. Denunciation
Article 25. Notifications
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Artikel 3 lid 1 e Verdrag inzake de overbrenging van gevonniste personen, Straatsburg, 21-03-1983

Officiele titel:
Ook bekend als:
Soort regeling:
Eerst verantwoordelijk ministerie:

The member States of the Council of Europe and the other States, signatory hereto,
Considering that the aim of the Council of Europe is to achieve a greater unity between its Members;
Desirous of further developing international co-operation in the field of criminal law;
Considering that such co-operation should further the ends of justice and the social rehabilitation of sentenced persons;
Considering that these objectives require that foreigners who are deprived of their liberty as a result of their commission of a criminal offence should be given the opportunity to serve their sentences within their own society; and
Considering that this aim can best be achieved by having them transferred to their own countries,
Have agreed as follows:
A sentenced person may be transferred under this Convention only on the following conditions:
e. if the acts or omissions on account of which the sentence has been imposed constitute a criminal offence according to the law of the administering State or would constitute a criminal offence if committed on its territory; and