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Convention on registration of objects launched into outer space
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Artikel vi Overeenkomst inzake de registratie van in de kosmische ruimte gebrachte voorwerpen, New York, 14-01-1975

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The States Parties to this Convention,
Recognizing the common interest of all mankind in furthering the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes,
Recalling that the Treaty on principles governing the activities of Slates in the exploration and use of outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies of 27 January 1967 affirms that States shall bear international responsibility for their national activities in outer space and refers to the State on whose registry an object launched into outer space is carried,
Recalling also that the Agreement on the rescue of astronauts, the return of astronauts and the return of objects launched into outer space of 22 April 1968 provides that a launching authority shall, upon request, furnish identifying data prior to the return of an object it has launched into outer space found beyond the territorial limits of the launching authority,
Recalling further that the Convention on international liability for damage caused by space objects of 29 March 1972 establishes international rules and procedures concerning the liability of launching States for damage caused by their space objects,
Desiring, in the light of the Treaty on principles governing the activities of States in the exploration and use of outer space, including the moon and other celestial. bodies, to make provision for the national registration by launching States of space objects launched into outer space,
Desiring further that a central register of objects launched into outer space be established and maintained, on a mandatory basis, by the Secretary-General of the United Nations,
Desiring also to provide for States Parties additional means and procedures to assist in the identification of space objects,
Believing that a mandatory system of registering objects launched into outer space would, in particular, assist in their identification and would contribute to the application and development of international law governing the exploration and use of outer space,
Article VI
Where the application of the provisions of this Convention has not enabled a State Party to identify a space object which has caused damage to it or to any of its natural or juridical persons, or which may be of a hazardous or deleterious nature, other States Parties, including in particular States possessing space monitoring and tracking facilities, shall respond to the greatest extent feasible to a request by that State Party, or transmitted through the Secretary-General on its behalf, for assistance under equitable and reasonable conditions in the identification of the object. A State Party making such a request shall, to the greatest extent feasible, submit information as to the time, nature and circumstances of the events giving rise to the request. Arrangements under which such assistance shall be rendered shall be the subject of agreement between the parties concerned.