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International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973
Article 1. General Obligations under the Convention
Article 2. Definitions
Article 3. Application
Article 4. Violation
Article 5. Certificates and Special Rules on Inspection of Ships
Article 6. Detection of Violations and Enforcement of the Convention
Article 7. Undue Delay to Ships
Article 8. Reports on Incidents Involving Harmful Substances
Article 9. Other Treaties and Interpretation
Article 10. Settlement of Disputes
Article 11. Communication of Information
Article 12. Casualties to Ships
Article 13. Signature, Ratification, Acceptance, Approval and Accession
Article 14. Optional Annexes
Article 15. Entry into Force
Article 16. Amendments
Article 17. Promotion of Technical Co-operation
Article 18. Denunciation
Article 19. Deposit and Registration
Article 20. Languages
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Artikel 11 Internationaal Verdrag ter voorkoming van verontreiniging door schepen, 1973, zoals gewijzigd door het Protocol van 1978 daarbij, Londen, 02-11-1973

Officiele titel:
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Soort regeling:
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The Parties to the Convention,
Being conscious of the need to preserve the human environment in general and the marine environment in particular,
Recognizing that deliberate, negligent or accidental release of oil and other harmful substances from ships constitutes a serious source of pollution,
Recognizing also the importance of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution of the Sea by Oil, 1954, as being the first multilateral instrument to be concluded with the prime objective of protecting the environment, and appreciating the significant contribution which that Convention has made in preserving the seas and coastal environment from pollution,
Desiring to achieve the complete elimination of intentional pollution of the marine environment by oil and other harmful substances and the minimization of accidental discharge of such substances,
Considering that this object may best be achieved by establishing rules not limited to oil pollution having a universal purport,
The Parties to the Convention undertake to communicate to the Organization:
(a) the text of laws, orders, decrees and regulations and other instruments which have been promulgated on the various matters within the scope of the present Convention;
(b) a list of nominated surveyors or recognized organizations which are authorized to act on their behalf in the administration of matters relating to the design, construction, equipment and operation of ships carrying harmful substances in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations for circulation to the Parties for information of their officers. The Administration shall therefore notify the Organization of the specific responsibilities and conditions of the authority delegated to nominated surveyors or recognized organizations;
(c) a sufficient number of specimens of their certificates issued under the provisions of the Regulations;
(d) a list of reception facilities including their location, capacity and available facilities and other characteristics;
(e) official reports or summaries of official reports in so far as they show the results of the application of the present Convention; and
(f) an annual statistical report, in a form standardized by the Organization, of penalties actually imposed for infringement of the present Convention.
The Organization shall notify Parties of the receipt of any communications under the present Article and circulate to all Parties any information communicated to it under sub-paragraphs (1) (b) to (f) of the present Article.