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European Social Charter
Article 1. The right to work
Article 2. The right to just conditions of work
Article 3. The right to safe and healthy working conditions
Article 4. The right to a fair remuneration
Article 5. The right to organise
Article 6. The right to bargain collectively
Article 7. The right of children and young persons to protection
Article 8. The right of employed women to protection
Article 9. The right to vocational guidance
Article 10. The right to vocational training
Article 11. The right to protection of health
Article 12. The right to social security
Article 13. The right to social and medical assistance
Article 14. The right to benefit from social welfare services
Article 15. The right of physically or mentally disabled persons to vocational training, rehabilitation and social resettlement
Article 16. The right of the family to social, legal and economic protection
Article 17. The right of mothers and children to social and economic protection
Article 18. The right to engage in a gainful occupation in the territory of other Contracting Parties
Article 19. The right of migrant workers and their families to protection and assistance
Article 20. Undertakings
Article 21. Reports concerning accepted provisions
Article 22. Reports concerning provisions which are not accepted
Article 23. Communication of copies
Article 24. Examination of the reports
Article 25. Committee of Experts
Article 26. Participation of the International Labour Organisation
Article 27. Sub-committee of the Governmental Social Committee
Article 28. Consultative Assembly
Article 29. Committee of Ministers
Article 30. Derogations in time of war or public emergency
Article 31. Restrictions
Article 32. Relations between the Charter and domestic law or international agreements
Article 33. Implementation by collective agreements
Article 34 . Territorial application
Article 35. Signature, ratification and entry into force
Artikel 36. Amendments
Article 37. Denunciation
Article 38. Appendix
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Artikel 13 Europees Sociaal Handvest, Turijn, 18-10-1961

Officiele titel:
Ook bekend als:
Soort regeling:
Eerst verantwoordelijk ministerie:

The Governments signatory hereto, being Members of the Council of Europe,
Considering that the aim of the Council of Europe is the achievement of greater unity between its Members for the purpose of safeguarding and realising the ideals and principles which are their common heritage and of facilitating their economic and social progress, in particular by the maintenance and further realisation of human rights and fundamental freedoms;
Considering that in the European Convention for the protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms signed at Rome on 4th November 1950, and the Protocol thereto signed at Paris on 20th March 1952, the member States of the Council of Europe agreed to secure to their populations the civil and political rights and freedoms therein specified;
Considering that the enjoyment of social rights should be secured without discrimination on grounds of race, colour, sex, religion, political opinion, national extraction or social origin;
Being resolved to make every effort in common to improve the standard of living and to promote the social well-being of both their urban and rural populations by means of appropriate institutions and action;
Have agreed as follows:
PART I The Contracting Parties accept as the aim of their policy, to be pursued by all appropriate means, both national and international in character, the attainment of conditions in which the following rights and principles may be effectively realised:
Anyone without adequate resources has the right to social and medical assistance.