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Briefwisseling tussen de Regering van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden en de Israëlische Regering inzake de strafrechtelijke immuniteit van MFO-militairen tijdens verlof in Israël, Tel Aviv /Jeruzalem, 01-10-1982

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28 September 1982
I have the honour to refer to the Protocol of 3rd August 1981, related to the Treaty of Peace of 26th March 1979 between the Government of the State of Israel and the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and to the Agreement between the Government of the Netherlands and the Director-General of the MFO concerning the participation of a Dutch contingent in the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) established by the said Protocol. I propose, in accordance with Article 11(d) of the Appendix to the Protocol, the following supplementary arrangement between the Government of the State of Israel and the Government of the Netherlands respecting those military members of the MFO (other than those assigned to any MFO office in Israel in accordance with arrangements to be made with the MFO, who will be regarded as on duty during their assignment to such office) who enter Israel, as the receiving State within the meaning of paragraph 3 of the Appendix to the Protocol (hereinafter "Israel"), on leave or who are taking leave in Israel after having entered Israel on official duty and over whom your Government would otherwise exercise jurisdiction pursuant to paragraph 11(a) of that Appendix (hereinafter called vacationing Dutch members of the MFO). This arrangement is without prejudice to the right of Israel to request a waiver of immunity in individual cases pursuant to paragraph 11(c) of the Appendix.
(a) The Government of the Netherlands waives the immunity of vacationing Dutch members of the MFO who are reasonably suspected of having committed while on leave in Israel offenses punishable by imprisonment of more than 3 years or death or of possessing, for personal use, dangerous drugs as defined in the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance (New Version) 5733-1973, as amended, to the extent necessary to permit the Israeli authorities to detain such suspected persons for the purpose of conducting investigations, in accordance with applicable legal procedure. As provided by applicable law, it is understood that the period for which the Israeli authorities may detain such suspected persons may not exceed 48 hours, except when detention is authorized by an order of a competent court issued following a hearing at which the suspected person may be represented by a lawyer. The Israeli authorities may seek a court order permitting detention for more than seven days only in special circumstances and with the personal approval of the Attorney General of Israel. The Israeli authorities shall notify the Director General of the MFO and the designated representative of the Government of the Netherlands of the Attorney General's intention ro request such a court order at least twenty-four hours prior to his doing so. Any views which the Government of the Netherlands may express shall be brought to the attention of the Attorney General, in order that he may take them into account.
After detention under this section and except as provided in section (b) below, the Israeli authorities shall transfer the custody of such suspected persons to the MFO authorities for investigation and trial in accordance with national law as provided in the Protocol. The Government of the Netherlands shall inform the Israeli authorities as to the results of legal proceedings taken with respect to such suspected persons in accordance with paragraph 11 of the Appendix to the Protocol following their transfer to custody of the MFO.
In accordance with Dutch law, an alleged victim of a crime, his familiy and/or his representative may be present at any trial for that crime of a member of the MFO transferred to the MFO in accordance with this section.
A member of the MFO who is detained by Israeli authorities in accordance with this section shall be afforded all procedural guarantees established by applicable law, including the following guarantees:
(iii) to have a writ of habeas corpus sought on his behalf.
He shall also be entitled: