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Article 1. Exemption from taxes and duties
Article 2. Privileges and immunities of the General Manager, the Deputy and the staff
Article 3. Classification
Article 4. Waiver
Article 5. Commissary
Article 6. Motor vehicles
Article 7. Exemption from aliens registration
Article 8. Notification and identity cards
Article 9. Employment of members of the family
Article 10. Social security
Annex Employment of family members of NC3A personnel
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Artikel 1 lid 2 Briefwisseling houdende een verdrag tussen het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden en de Noordatlantische Verdragsorganisatie betreffende de voorrechten en immuniteiten van de NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency (NC3A), Brussel, 17-12-2003

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The Hague, 17 December 2003
Dear Secretary General,
I have the honour to refer to the Agreement on the Status of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, National Representatives and Internationa1 Staff signed at Ottawa on 20 September 1951 (hereinafter called the Ottawa Agreement) and to the Agreement between the Parties of the North Atlantic Treaty regarding the status of their forces, signed in London on 19 June 1951 (hereinafter called the London Agreement).
that in the context of the dissolution of NATO Communications and Information Systems Organisation (NACISO) and SHAPE Technical Center (STC) and the establishment of the NATO Consultation, Command and Control Organisation (hereinafter called NC3O) on lst July 1996, the Netherlands Government has agreed to the establishment in The Netherlands of a part of the NC3O: the NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency (NC3A) that represents the legal successor organisation of STC;
that the NC3O Charter (PO(96)99) foresees that the NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency (NC3A) shall comprise a civilian and military element (hereinafter called NC3A personnel);
that the civilian personnel will be deemed to be NATO International Personnel and shall be covered by the Ottawa Agreement, and the military component will be deemed to be members of the International Military Staff and shall be covered by the London Agreement;
that the Netherlands Government is prepared to grant privileges and immunities to NC3A and its personnel in The Netherlands that are no less favourable than those previously granted to STC and with regard to the military component, than those granted to International Military Headquarters in the Netherlands.
Now therefore the Netherlands Government deems it desirable to formulate certain provisions together with you as a supplement to the Ottawa Agreement and to the London Agreement as applicable.
To this end I have the honour to propose the following provisions:
Within the scope of its official activities, the NC3O shall be exempt from the following indirect taxes:
a) motor vehicle tax (motorrijtuigenbelasting);
b) tax on passenger motor vehicles and motorcycles (belasting van personenauto's en motorrijwielen, BPM);
c) value added tax which forms part of the price of goods purchased by and of services rendered to NC3O (omzetbelasting);
d) excise duties (accijnzen) included in the price of alcoholic beverages and hydrocarbons such as fuel oils and motor fuels and other taxes levied as excise duties;
e) energy tax (REB, Regulerende Energie Belasting)
f) import taxes and duties (rechten bij invoer en uitvoer);
g) insurance tax (assurantiebelasting);
h) real property transfer tax (overdrachtsbelasting);
i) any other taxes and duties of a substantially similar character to the taxes and duties provided for in this paragraph, imposed by the Netherlands subsequently to the date of this letter.
These exemptions will be granted under the principles applicable to former STC.
Goods acquired or imported under the terms set out in this provision shall be sold, given away or otherwise disposed of in accordance with conditions agreed upon with the Netherlands Government and/or in accordance with NATO provisions.