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Europees Verdrag betreffende uitlevering, Parijs, 13-12-1957
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European Convention on Extradition
Article 1. Obligation to extradite
Article 2. Extraditable offences
Article 3. Political offences
Article 4. Military offences
Article 5. Fiscal offences
Article 6. Extradition of nationals
Article 7. Place of commission
Article 8. Pending proceedings for the same offences
Article 9. Non bis in idem
Article 10. Lapse of time
Article 11. Capital punishment
Article 12. The request and supporting documents
Article 13. Supplementary information
Article 14. Rule of speciality
Article 15. Re-extradition to a third state
Article 16. Provisional arrest
Article 17. Conflicting requests
Article 18. Surrender of the person te be extradited
Article 19. Postponed or conditional surrender
Article 20. Handing over of property
Article 21. Transit
Article 22. Procedure
Article 23. Language to be used
Article 24. Expenses
Article 25. Definition of “detention order"
Article 26. Reservations
Article 27. Territorial application
Article 28. Relations between this convention and bilateral agreements
Article 29. Signature, ratification and entry into force
Article 30. Accession
Article 31. Denunciation
Article 32. Notifications

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Artikel 26 Europees Verdrag betreffende uitlevering, Parijs, 13-12-1957

The Governments signatory hereto, being Members of the Council of Europe,
Considering that the aim of the Council of Europe is to achieve a greater unity between its Members;
Considering that this purpose can be attained by the conclusion of agreements and by common action in legal matters;
Considering that the acceptance of uniform rules with regard to extradition is likely to assist this work of unification,
Have agreed as follows:
Any Contracting Party may, when signing this Convention or when depositing its instrument of ratification or accession, make a reservation in respect of any provision or provisions of the Convention.
Any Contracting Party which has made a reservation shall withdraw it as soon as circumstances permit. Such withdrawal shall be made by notification to the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe.
A Contracting Party which has made a reservation in respect of a provision of the Convention may not claim application of the said provision by another Party save in so far as it has itself accepted the provision.